Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash reddit

bitcoin vs bitcoin cash reddit bitcoin vs bitcoin cash reddit

I'm no longer specially pleased about mentioning the plain, but I've been the use of btc I acquired years in the past and the handiest component I select about it over Bitcoin Cash is it's modern-day charge…

I spent over 0.14 USD to move a few funds, I didn't need the choices funds immediately so I pick the choices smallest advocated fee. Who knew that almost per week later the choices budget are not where I need them.

Why are people accepting this?

Why are people accepting this?

Because most humans inside the area don't clearly use Bitcoin on a regular foundation. If they do, they could sell their Bitcoin for better choices inclusive of Bitcoin Cash. There is proof right now, the crypto is still in a speculative period in which humans simply purchase to promote better, not to use on a ordinary foundation. This is probably an opportunity for the nicely informed and you may study https://read.coins/@MobTwo/bitcoin-cash-simple-basics-c15494c3

Why are people accepting this?

You said it your self: the charge.

I want btc eliminated or increased their block length restrict. This is irritating….

Vote with your money, don't buy in case you don't like it.

This is sadly the choices destiny of crypto if we don't act short

Sad but actual, humans don't get that the point of crypto is decentralization.

If you have got BTC from years in the past you will have some BCH and other splits to be had to you.

Because they simply want t pump it, no longer use it

The distinction is that BTC has confined potential, at the same time as BCH has unbounded capacity and is leaner.

There are markets in bitcoin (decrease case, covering all the bitcoin variations), the choices coin cost itself, and the choices price charge. With constrained capability, the choices rate charge will rise excessive enough to deter new customers.

The future price depends on many users having a coins stability, therefore BCH is a good candidate for saving.

Currently ETH and LTC gets all the love, however most effective BCH can do the task of onboarding anyone on the choices globe to sound money.

And don't appearance on another coin claiming low expenses. It needs to be sound cash, therefore it has to be a mined coin.

I don't see the availability, accessibility, acceptability, agree with and many others as I do in BTC and BCH.

The charge is why many pick it over BCH, other BCH is higher than BTC in every way

Most people don't without a doubt move it(for the choices identical purpose because it’s far costly and slow) it simply sits there as their keep of price

What you’re looking is the choices boiling of the BTC frogs.

Btc is ideal at one component. Hedging towards fiat inflation. For actual payments and every thing else, use bch.

I disagree, rate comes from software and BTC has none.

You can't do all those cool matters with BTC you could do with BCH due to the fact it may simplest be used as a store of cost now

As some have stated, because there’s greater average demand for rate appreciation than utility in the interim. For folks with that view, paying a higher transaction charge for infrequent transactions is nicely worth it when the underlying asset so thoroughly outperforms the opportunity in terms of appreciation. What you lose in higher fees is greater than made up through gains in common account value.

Obviously that dynamic can alternate over the years, however it has been pretty steady for the reason that unique fork that created BCH.

This is quite a good deal it. Vast majority of human beings do now not think they need a new medium of exchange, they assume credit score cards or Venmo/CashApp works simply pleasant. Sure there are alternatives the unbanked, but they don’t have much money to start with so their voice isn’t heard a lot either.

Having a “collectible” alternatively is an ancient human dependancy, in order that usecase has lots of money flowing in, and BTC fulfills that position for most human beings.

Bitcoin is so disappointing because of this.

Their transaction costs are so sluggish Compared to Bitcoin Cash.

I don't understand why Bitcoin is valued so exceptionally outside this subreddit.