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Market volatility has caused surprisingly excessive wait times. In order to provider your needs correctly, we have complied a list of the choices maximum often requested questions throughout this time.

We will keep to provide updates as the choices situation evolves, we encourage you to test lower back regularly to learn about the choices fame and any adjustments of our provider.



All structures are operational.

Due to United States Executive Order 13959 trading regulations have been positioned on some of stocks, and they’re now located on “close most effective” buying and selling for customers. The cutting-edge listing of restricted markets are beneath, and will be updated if in addition markets are added.

Where do I get my password?

If you forgot your username, please touch us for assistance. If you forgot your password, please click on here to reset your password.

What is the choices fastest way to fund my account?

You can securely fund your account through logging in to MyAccount and traveling the Funding page. can’t be given deposits from 1/3 parties. Please be aware that you could experience longer processing instances if the call on the originating account does no longer suit your account.

There are 4 easy approaches to fund your account:

You can transfer a maximum of $10,000 or foreign money equivalent per transaction and budget will commonly be available at once for trading. The minimal transaction for financial institution transfers is $100 consistent with transaction. We receive USD, no fee for financial institution transfers.

You can deposit a most of $10,000 (or forex equivalent) in keeping with transaction and price range will usually be available at once for buying and selling. The minimal transaction for bank transfers is $one hundred per transaction. We accept Visa in USD, GBP and EUR. However, please be conscious that each one debit card transactions are mechanically transformed to USD. does not fee expenses for incoming card deposits. If you deposit budget from overseas, you will be charged a cross-border charge or currency conversion fee through your issuing bank.

There is no minimal or maximum deposit quantity for cord transfers. Wire transfers might also take in to 1-2 commercial enterprise days for home wires and a couple of-5 days for international wires before they are to be had for trading. We take delivery of USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, CHF, AUD and GBP. does not charge prices for earnings wires. However, your bank may also price a provider rate. Wire transfers that contain a financial institution outside of the US can also require an middleman US bank. US middleman banks may also fee a transaction fee.

There is not any minimal or most deposit amount for checks. A check may also take up to five-10 business days from the receipt of the take a look at to be posted in your account. We take delivery of USD.

We endorse which you maintain an adequate excess margin stability above your desired margin. Maintaining low excess margin ranges to your account may additionally limit you from buying and selling positive merchandise or result in undesired liquidations as a result of an adverse marketplace pass.

What are cutting-edge Margin Requirements?

Our margin requirements range consistent with platform ( or MetaTrader), marketplace, asset elegance and function length. You can find the specific margin of each device in its Market Information Sheet on the computing device platform or view our listing of margin requirements by product.

To calculate the amount of funds required to cowl the choices margin requirement when you open a trade, truly multiply the whole notional value of your trade (amount x price of tool) through the choices margin thing.

For instance, say the margin requirement for EURUSD is two%. The current buy charge of EURUSD is 1.300 and you want to shop for 1 popular lot (100,000).

The general value of the position is $a hundred thirty,000 (100,000 x 1.300). $2,six hundred could therefore be allotted out of your account to open the placement ($a hundred thirty,000 x 2%).

With structures, you could calculate the desired margin earlier than setting a alternate via the platform’s margin calculator, monitor every role’s margin requirement separately or review your account’s general margin requirement through the Margin Indicator.

Slippage is whilst an order is stuffed at a fee other than the choices requested price.

Our quoted fees are executable the majority of the choices time. In speedy-shifting markets, orders may be carried out at a price which has ceased to be the choices exceptional market price. Limit orders will constantly be crammed at the price asked or better.

What is a ‘restriction down’?

A restriction down fee is the maximum promote-off accepted in a marketplace on a single day of buying and selling. Once this degree has been reached, trading on the market may additionally then be constrained to save you widespread volatility and potential panic selling. A limit down price is generally determined as a percentage decline in a given marketplace, instead of a nominal decline in charge.

A limit down length is imposed by way of an exchange (together with the NYSE) and now not by using agents. It commonly lasts 15 minutes but can be prolonged relying on the proportion decline earlier than market open.

Please observe that a restrict down simplest restricts selling on the choices affected market(s).

Can my account cross in the poor?

While our one hundred% margin requirement and real-time margin system is designed to restrict your trading losses and help ensure that total losses by no means exceed your overall account balance, you do hazard incurring losses more than your account balance, in particular at some stage in durations of extreme market volatility. While it is not’s coverage to preserve customers answerable for modest terrible balances, we do reserve the choices proper to hold clients answerable for big debit balances and while unique occasions follow. For this cause, we strongly inspire you to control your use of leverage cautiously.

You can request a alternate for your level of leverage with the aid of filling out a Margin Change Request Form and filing it to [email protected].

How do I keep away from surprising marketplace gapping?

Prices often flow over the choices weekend when the markets are closed mainly in the course of times of high volatility, and can move drastically from where they were on Friday until the choices time, they are visible again after the choices weekend.

To avoid them, truely go out your change before the choices weekend hits.

We inspire you to examine about Risk Management

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