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Modern Firearms are defined via the ATF as firearms constructed after 1898. All gadgets listed in this category must be cutting-edge firearms. Firearm parts, ammunition, and add-ons have their personal categories and have to be indexed there. Items which meet the choices Collectible firearms, such as antiques, commemoratives, and firearms which meet the choices ATF definition of a 'Curio and Relic' may be indexed in the Collectible Firearms class.

All sorts of modern handguns

A pistol with revolving chambers allowing numerous photographs to be fired with out reloading.

Bolt action or single-shot pistols, or every other design that does not match into 'Revolvers' or 'Semi-car'

All kinds of present day lengthy weapons

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All sort of shotguns

All matters associated with Bolt Action Shotguns

All matters associated with Lever Action Shotguns

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Any form of firearm parts or add-ons should be listed here.

Parts for any pistol not otherwise indexed within the Firearm Parts category

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Rifle stocks – Our selection of rifle shares comes from all over the international. Click through our selection to find antique Winchester rifles, and pair your rifle stocks with Zeiss scopes, .233 ammo, .308 ammo.

Parts for any shotgun now not otherwise listed inside the Firearm Parts category

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Any sort of gun part for 1911 pistols and clones

Any sort of gun component for AK-47 rifles and clones

Any type of gun component for AR-15 rifles and clones

Any kind of gun element for Glock pistols and clones

Federal law lets in an individual the choices constrained potential to legally 'manufacture' a firearm for personal use. This class consists of parts kits and/or plans to assist with the criminal manufacture of firearms beneath those legal guidelines. This part of the law is really complex; check with the choices ATF for more information.

Any form of gun element for HK rifles or pistols

Any form of gun part for SKS firearms

All things related to Slings

Any kind of gun part for the numerous Thompson Contender fashions

All matters associated with Weapon Lights

Any type of accent that doesn’t healthy into one of the other Firearm Accessories classes

Use this category for binoculars, area glasses or binocular telescopes. These are a couple of equal or mirror-symmetrical telescopes established facet-by using-aspect and aligned to factor as it should be within the equal path, permitting the viewer to use both eyes with binocular imaginative and prescient when viewing remote gadgets. Most are sized to be held the usage of both hands, even though there are lots larger kinds.

This category incorporates scopes and optics for rifles and pistols. It must NOT be used for components or add-ons related to scopes. There is a separate category for that.

Factory or aftermarket gun sights

All things associated with Laser Sights

All matters related to Night Vision

Use this class for any device that measures the space from the choices observer to the choices goal.

All things related to Red Dots Sights

This class is for all parts related to scopes and optics. You must use this class for mounts, jewelry and the choices like.

All matters associated with Sight Magnifiers

This category incorporates recognizing scopes. These scopes are small telescopes that have been modified for use through day. A spotting scope differs from an astronomical telescope. A recognizing scope constantly produces an upright photograph. A spotting scope is a great deal smaller in length than an astronomical telescope. A recognizing scope is a decrease magnification device than a telescope. A spotting scope is hooked up on an normal picture tripod. Most spotting scopes are waterproof and fog evidence.

All things related to Thermal Sights

This class is for ready-to-shoot ammunition for firearms. Reloading supplies such as bullets, brass, primers, and so on belong in the Reloading : Supplies class, not right here. Clips, magazines, ammo belts, and device to hold or load ammunition have their very own classes and ought to no longer be indexed right here.

Ammo cans and different storage containers. If the container is being offered with ammunition listing it in one of the different Ammunition sub-classes

In most states you need to be 21 to buy ammunition which may be fired in a handgun. Ammo for handguns must be indexed right here

Ammunition with a few form of collector fee

If your ammo does now not suit every other Ammunition sub-category then list it here.

All matters related to Black Powder Bullets

This category is for all parts and accessories for black powder and muzzle loading firearms. Do now not listing components for some other form of firearm.

All varieties of federally limited firearms, such as system weapons, unfavourable devices, and silencers

This category is for items that classify as -Any Other Weapon- / AOW. Any Other Weapon (AOW) – Any National Firearms Act (NFA) firearm not in any other case classified by using the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as a brief-barreled rifle, contemporary shoulder-stocked pistol, short-barreled shotgun, device gun, sound suppressor (silencer), or destructive device. Included inside the list of AOWs are firearms disguised so they’re now not effectively recognizable as firearms. Also blanketed are pistols with both the front and rear pistol grips, handguns with clean bore barrels less than 18 inches in period and supposed to fireplace shotgun shells; and mixture rifle/shotguns with barrels over 12 inches but under 18 inches, furnished every chamber is unmarried shot and most effective can be manually reloaded.

Machine weapons – Easily purchase and sell system guns in our gun public sale. With a large choice of machine guns including AK 47, AK 47 magazines, the AR 15, Thompson weapons, anybody can effortlessly find the gun they may be searching out.

Use this for Short Barrel Rifles (SBR). The term -quick-barreled rifle- approach a rifle having one or extra barrels much less than sixteen inches in duration and any weapon made from a rifle (whether or not via alteration, change, or in any other case) if such weapon, as modified, has an standard length of less than twenty-six inches. In the United States, an SBR is a BATFE regulated title II weapon and is criminal for American civilians to own after the $200 transfer tax is paid and the choices BATFE form 4 is permitted.

Items indexed in the Collectible Firearms category must be a firearm. Parts and add-ons for Collectible Firearms may be indexed in Collectible Firearms : Collectible Parts / Accessories provided the choices item being indexed is itself a collectible piece. Non-collectible parts and accessories have to be listed inside the most appropriate Firearm Parts or Firearm Accessories class.

Parts or add-ons with collector value, inclusive of a bayonet for a WWI technology rifle or a civil struggle ammo pouch, may be listed right here

Gun collectibles – Easily trade gun collectibles in our on line auction. With a large choice which include Winchester commemoratives, Ruger commemoratives, and muskets, our gun collectibles alternatives are infinite.

Any type of holster

Only air guns need to be indexed in this category. Air weapons include AirSoft, paintball, BB weapons, pellet weapons, grownup air rifles and pistols, CO2-powered rifles and pistols, and any other type of air or compressed fuel powered gun. Air gun elements, substances, and add-ons have to be listed within the Air Guns : Supplies / Accessories / Other class.

BBs, pellets, air gun elements and add-ons, air gun taking pictures resources

Airsoft brand airguns most effective

Equipment and supplies for reloading ammunition must be listed right here.

Please listing only system for reloading, along with scales, stands, bullet casting molds, and die sets here.

Any kind of consumables for reloading have to be listed right here, which include bullets, brass, primers, powder, raw lead, lubes and sealants, etc.

This category is for bows, crossbows, and bow hunting substances and add-ons.

Arrows, bolts, and other archery components and add-ons

This category is for books, magazines (the kind you read, not the type you load!), CD-ROM primarily based books or statistics, movies or DVDs, and any other sort of gun-associated studying or viewing substances.

Books and/or books on tape

Books or information on CD-ROM

Magazines and/or magazine subscriptions

Videos or films on video tape or DVD

Any sort of apparel, rings, hats, baggage, backpacks, and different wearable objects should be indexed here. The simplest exceptions are gadgets that could be better indexed in Collectibles, like collectible pins, badges, etc.

All things related to Clothing

Any type of wearable bag or backpack, plus any kind of carrying bag apart from a gun case

Belts and belt buckles

Goggles and eye glasses

Any type of gloves

Hats and other headwear

Pants or one-piece jumpsuits, skirts, overalls

Shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, vests

Boots, shows, socks, thermal socks

Any object that does not in shape into one of the other Clothing sub-classes

All things associated with Jewelry

All things related to Anklets

All matters related to Anniversary Bands

All things associated with Bangles

All things associated with Bellybutton Rings

All matters associated with Bracelets

All things associated with Chains

All things related to Charms

All things associated with Class Rings

All things associated with Cluster Rings

All things associated with Coin Rings

All things related to Cufflinks

All matters associated with Earrings

All things associated with Eternity Rings

All things associated with Fashion Rings

All things related to Hair Barrettes

All things associated with Initial Rings

All matters associated with Keychains

All matters associated with Money Clips

All things associated with Necklaces

All things associated with Pendants

All matters associated with Pill boxes

All matters associated with Pins / Brooches

All things related to Solitaire Rings

All matters related to Teeth / Grillz

All matters associated with Thimbles

All matters associated with Tie Bars

All things associated with Wedding Bands

All things related to Wedding Sets

All matters associated with Watches & Clocks

All matters related to Grandfather Clocks

All things related to Pocket Watches

All matters associated with Table Clocks

Wrist watches of all kinds

Any type of non-firearm collectible items associated with firearms or searching may be listed here. This includes conflict collectibles, souvenirs, logo products, and catalogs. If the choices item is a firearm, both modern-day or antique, it need to be located in both the choices Collectible Firearms or Modern Firearms categories.

Any type of collectible badges or insignias. Note: sale of genuine police badges or credentials is a criminal offense in maximum states and is illegitimate right here

Any type of civil warfare collectibles apart from firearms

Gun flyers, posters, catalogs, and so forth.

Any form of products that includes an authorized manufacturer's emblem, along with Glock coffee mugs, Ruger golfing balls, etc.

Any type of vintage west collectible items

Lapel pins, commemorative plates, figurines, banners and the choices like

World War I and II Collectibles – Trade authentic World War I and II collectibles on-line. With muzzle loading collectibles, Winchester commemoratives and Ruger commemoratives, we provide the choices greatest World War I and II collectibles.

Any collectible item that does not suit in one of the different Collectibles sub-classes

War collectibles from other wars like Vietnam, Korea, and many others.

All matters related to Concealed Carry

All things related to Concealed Carry Clothing

All things related to Concealed Carry Clothing for Women

All matters related to Concealed Carry Holsters

All things related to Concealed Carry Purses

This is the general category for all fly fishing tackle and tools. Under this class are precise regions for distinctive varieties of fly fishing gadget.

This category is in particular for fly fishing flies.

Use this class for reels which might be unique for fly fishing.

This category is for mixtures of rods and reels which are specific to fly fishing.

Use this class for rods that are precise for fly fishing.

This is the location for everything else particular to fly fishing.

This is the general category for all freshwater fishing tackle and equipment. Under this category are particular regions for exceptional kinds of freshwater fishing system.

This category is for all freshwater fishing baits, lures and some thing else that help you attract and hook that prize triumphing fish.

Use this class for reels that are specific for freshwater fishing.

This category is for mixtures of rods and reels which are particular to freshwater fishing.

Use this class for rods that are unique for freshwater fishing.

This is the region for the entirety else specific to freshwater fishing.

This is the general category for all saltwater fishing address and gear. Under this category are specific areas for distinctive types of saltwater fishing gadget.

This is the vicinity for all saltwater fishing baits, lures and some thing else that will help you catch that award triumphing fish.

Use this class for reels which can be specific for saltwater fishing.

This category is for combos of rods and reels that are precise to saltwater fishing.

Use this category for rods which might be particular for saltwater fishing.

This is the choices location for the entirety else specific to saltwater fishing.

This category is for fishing electronics along with fish finders, depth finders and other digital fishing aides.

This class is for all collectible and vintage fishing address. Collectible rods, reels or even memorabilia can be indexed on this category.

This category incorporates address bins, containers, rod instances and something else that can maintain your fishing equipment.

This class incorporates address, sinkers, hooks and something else which can pass at the choices give up of a fishing line. This category is for tackle that isn’t always particular to freshwater, saltwater or fly fishing. If you have flies, baits or lures specific to the ones regions there are separate classes inside that uniqueness.

This is the trap all area for everything this is preferred fishing related that doesn’t match into any other category. This is for objects that are not specific to freshwater, saltwater or fly fishing. If your object is unique to at least one of these regions there are subcategories within those regions to your object. Please use the ones so you goal your buying audience better.

This class is for all hunting equipment that isn’t always higher appropriate for some other category, which includes tree stands, scents, traps, and different hunting equipment. Firearms may not be indexed right here; firearms should be listed in the Modern Firearms category.

All things associated with Flashlights

Use this category for GPS and navigation related gadgets.

All things related to Other Hunting Gear

All knives, swords, axes, pocket knives, bayonets, machetes, and other bladed items need to be indexed right here. Knives might not be listed in another category, with the only exceptions of bayonets which may be indexed inside the Collectible Firearms : Collectible Parts & Accessories class supplied the bayonet is a collectible and attaches to a collectible firearm.

All things related to Miscellaneous

Anything that does not match cleanly into some other category must be indexed here.

This class is for hunting or fishing journeys, holidays, and excursions.

Property for sale, rent, or rent need to be listed here.

All matters related to Musical Instruments

The category consists of non-firing duplicate guns (complete size or miniature), guns that shoot blanks, or de-militarized firearms. The vital difference is that none of these objects can shoot stay ammunition nor can be transformed to accomplish that and are consequently not subject to FFL switch.

This category is for non-deadly self-protection gadgets, including pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, and different non-firearm objects.

All matters associated with Shooting Supplies

Cleaning kits or supplies for cleansing your firearm

All matters associated with Storage: Cases, Safes, Cabinets

Furniture, which include gun storage cabinets, show cases, and stand-up safes must be indexed here.

Hard-sided or soft-sided wearing instances and different items used for gun storage or transport (but now not holsters)

Trigger locks and different firearm security devices and small safes

The class is for survival system and supplies. This like MREs (meals equipped to consume), water purification gadgets, gas masks, radios, chemical suits, and flares cross here. Firearms might not be listed right here and should be indexed in Modern Firearms.

Use this category for all police / navy tactical equipment inclusive of hand cuff, hand cuff keys, etc.

All things associated with Tools & Hardware

All matters associated with Air Tools

All things associated with Automotive Tools

All matters related to Electrical Tools

All matters associated with Hand Tools

All matters associated with Plumbing Tools

All matters related to Power Tools

All things associated with Tool Boxes & Storage

All things associated with Welding Tools

All matters related to Other Tools & Hardware

All kinds of motorized motors

All matters related to E-Bikes

All matters associated with Water Sports / Boating

All matters related to Boating Parts & Accessories

All things associated with Electronics

All matters related to Motors & Controls

All matters related to Safety, Fenders & Lines

All matters associated with Trailers

The pleasant in out of doors films

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