London stock exchange listings

london stock exchange

New issues and IPOs

A listing of all new troubles which include IPOs and money raised can be observed inside the Primary markets phase.

The last five days trading facts can be located in the Secondary markets section together with extra data and factsheets.

A list of all fairness-like issuers admitted to our markets may be observed inside the Issuers segment. Alternatively, the choices contemporary month stop numbers for Main Market and AIM can be observed in factsheets of the Primary markets phase.

Historical month end statistics may be located inside the Issuer List files.

Search and Price Explorer features will show the choices marketplace cap from the day prior to this for all FTSE elements. Non FTSE constituents are updated weekly on Mondays.

We do now not submit a entire list of issuers which have delisted from our markets. You can however locate the AIM issuers that have delisted every month in the AIM Statistics.

This records is most effective to be had for AIM issuers and can be determined inside the AIM segment.

Some groups submit these on RNS, as an alternative touch FCA.

The each day average price of stocks traded can be determined in our Trading facts in the Secondary markets phase.

Please touch FTSE Russell thru email: [email protected]

FCA assign the Listing Category within the Official List denoting Premium or Standard list. These also can be located in our Instrument listing.

Emails ought to be despatched to: [email protected]

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