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An open-source cryptocurrency change toolkit for enforcing experimental alternate features

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are a number of the largest agencies in the cryptocurrency space, and their reserves are often considered as “honeypots” of cryptocurrencies. Because of this, cryptocurrency exchanges were a hotbed of crime in the shape of hacks, the front-running, wash trading, faux orderbooks, and lots extra. In order for cryptocurrency to achieve success, we need safe, truthful ways to exchange cryptocurrencies, without worry that cash may be stolen, or trades performed unfairly. Additionally, the enormous majority of exchange software program is closed-supply, and exchanges have historically now not implemented technological enhancements that might appreciably decrease risk for users.

OpenCX hopes to clear up this problem by means of making it trivially easy to run a secure, scalable cryptocurrency change which implements a lot of those functions, which includes:

Additionally, all the additives of OpenCX are designed to be swappable, stable, and scalable. The aim is to in shape those requirements and implement capabilities just like that of contemporary cryptocurrency exchanges, even as keeping high first-rate software program.

DO NOT use in a production surroundings, this project is a work in development!

Pull requests and troubles encouraged!

Please see the choices contributing report to get started with contributing!

Running opencx server / alternate

You will want to run MariaDB or some other MySQL database in-order to run the choices server. You can configure authentication information in your database at ~/.opencx/db/sqldb.conf

Running opencx CLI client

You can now difficulty any of the instructions inside the cxrpc record.

There are configuration options (both command line and .conf) for the purchaser and the choices server, and by way of default home folders for these documents will be created at ~/.opencx/opencxd/ and ~/.opencx/ocx/ respectively. You can determine whether or not or now not to use the choices NOISE protocol for authentication, which hostnames and ports to apply for connecting to sure clients, which cash you would really like to help, and whether or not or not to support lightning.

If you’d like to feature your personal coins, just upload a coinparam struct like in lit.

An open-source cryptocurrency change toolkit for implementing experimental trade capabilities